Nentrolla Domain

The Nentrolla Domain, one of the three human kingdoms, is ruled by the King Leofwin from the great capital of Nentrolla City. The great river Elderrun cuts the kingdom in half from the mountains to the north, and down through to the border with Great Shores. Primary settlements include North Nentrolla, Westshire, Eastshire (more commonly referred to by the fort just north of it, Fort of Two Kings), Elderrun, and Dugar’s Stump. Fort on the Run is another landmark at the border with Great Shores. To the west and north of the kingdom are great hills, which much further to the north become full mountains. Between Nentrolla City and North Nentrolla lies the impassable Boglands.

Nentrolla is well defended by a primarily footman army, though elite magical users can also be found among the ranks. Some abandoned forts remain to the south from wars long past, but mostly Nentrolla relies upon its fortified eastern border and the diplomacy with friends to keep the nation safe.

Nentrolla maintains warm ties with its human neighbors to the south, Great Shores and The Southern Kingdom, and maintains great relations with the Five Dwarven Kingdoms to the far north. The people of Gnomeland to the northeast remain largely a mystery, but there is trade with them occasionally. Elves are far less commonplace in Nentrolla Domain than other human kingdoms, and those that are occasionally seen are usually from the Northern Race, though they come from the west of Nentrolla.

To the east of Nentrolla lie the Savage Lands, an area poorly mapped by Nentrollan cartographers. Mostly what is known of the place is what threats arrive from that direction.

Nentrolla Domain

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