You begin your journey at the tavern in the town of Westshire, The Sleepy Goose, where you have gathered to meet up before heading out to The Cave. You all know each other from the earlier meeting where you were summoned by King Leofwin’s viceroy-wizard Galen Ockley. The viceroy told you to get to The Cave and meet General Rowley at his command post in three days. You were provisioned with enough supplies to get you there and each of you have packed and are ready to go. Some of you get some last drinks and listen to the rumors about The Cave and General Rowley’s ventures inside, but you learn nothing new. You already know more than most.

The Cave was discovered two months ago when a dwarf expedition dug up some ancient ruins, and, once they got deep enough, they discovered a natural cave going deep underground. The first dwarves to enter were not heard from again, and the remaining dwarves sent word to the nearest human settlement to get help. Unfortunately the rescue party also disappeared in The Cave. Since then, some creatures have been coming out of The Cave to attack local villagers and King Leofwin sent General Rowley and a contingent of soldiers to establish a perimeter.

As professional adventurers unafraid of seeing a little combat, you have been commissioned to go into The Cave and scout ahead of General Rowley’s main force. Anything of value that you find you are welcome to keep, and you are expected to report back to the General periodically as he himself goes deeper in behind you. Your goal is to ultimately eliminate any threat that The Cave holds to King Leofwin’s lands. Galen Ockley promises that you will be rewarded well once your task is fully completed.

When you are ready, you head out along the road to the North. The journey should take you about two days of leisurely walking.

The Cave